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The HIFEM NEO is right for you if:

  • Have a stubborn protruding tummy nothing seems to shift
  • Wanting real results FAST
  • Keen to reduce Tummy Fat, Tighten Skin & Restore Abs at same time
  • Feel weak in your core and body
  • Want to Heal Your Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) 

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Just 205 SGD (190 with a Package)


What is HIFEM and NEO?

A Must Try non-invasive treatment before thinking about surgery.

HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy)

Stimulates the Abdominal muscles to contract at a Supramaximal Intensity which is beyond the Intensity achievable in any exercise.

The effect is the equivalent of 20,000 Ab Curls in 30 minutes.

This high intensity contraction also enhances adrenaline release triggering an intensive Lipolysis Fat burning metabolism from the muscle helping to burn fat at the same time.

NEO (Fat Burning Radiofrequency)

Creates an additional Fat Burning where the Radiofrequency penetrates the Fat Cells heating them to a temperature causing Apoptosis (Fat Cell Death) and then eliminates these Fat cells from the body.

Superior Results Shown Over Other Fat Burning Treatments

Why have Musculpting HIFEM NEO with Health2mama?

  • Carried out by experienced Women’s Health Physios
  • Results clearly measured and proven
  • Incredibly competitive pricing at 205 per session (190 with a package)

There are over 20 research studies showing improvements in muscle thickness up to 25%, muscle strength, fat reduction up to 30% and reduced Diastasis Recti up to 20% with 4 treatments.  The results do vary between people but you will definitely see improvements.  Obviously when done in combination with changes to your Diet and core training the results will be significantly more.

It is shown that with many the results that can be achieved with HIFEM/NEO happen in 4 sessions of 30 mins within a 2 week period having 2-4 days between treatments and then there tends to be a plateau in further improvements.  However with people with more fat and more significant changes in their Abs there can be continued improvements with more sessions.  The way we work is that we do measurements every session after 4 sessions.  As soon as it shows that you are not having any changes we recommend stopping the treatment.

If you are unable to come every 2-4 days and the treatments need to be spaced further apart you will still gain significant benefits but the research and our clinical experience and studies have shown the optimal time of treatment is 4 treatments within a 2 week period.

Majority of our clients do see and feel a difference after the 1st session but the obvious differences will be seen by the end of the 4th session.  Our clients and research has proven that the effects of the treatment continue after the sessions are finished and that the most significant results in fat reduction, muscle changes and Diastasis Recti improvement will actually be seen at 3 months after the 4 session.

Some can feel a bit of soreness in the muscles day after the treatment similar to soreness you may feel after a hard abdominal workout.  This soreness will resolve within 48 hours.

The treatment sessions where you will be using the machine are 30-40 minutes.  We block out 45 minutes for the session as need time to set you up on the machine and program the right settings.

As long as you have been given the all clear by your Doctor at your postnatal check up about 6-8 weeks after birth you can start the HIFEM/NEO treatment.

You will not feel any pain.  In fact some clients find they laugh when first try the treatment as it is an unusual sensation.   The treatment uses electrical magnetic stimulation to produce a strong contraction of the muscles beyond anything you have felt in the muscles before.   There is a tingling sensation as the contraction happens.  When first trying the machine we will start with a lower intensity and only increase it gradually aiming for a strong intensity which is effective but an intensity you can comfortably tolerate.

There is a few minutes of the Radiofrequency at the beginning and end of the treatment and you may feel increased warmth from the plate on your skin during this period.

You can have the treatment during Menstruation but it can slightly increase the amount of bleeding and menstrual cramps therefore if you suffer from Heavy bleeds and Strong Cramps during your Menstruation we recommend choosing a period of time to do the treatments when you are not Menstruating.

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