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Diastasis Recti Healing

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Believe You Have Diastasis Recti?

You are not alone! This is a very common issue to have after Pregnancy whether Weeks, Months or Years After.

So many women like yourself find they have a stubborn protruding Mummy Tummy sticking around which does not just seem to go what ever you try. Often people Self Diagnose themselves to have Diastasis Recti or have a Professional tell them they have it!!

However what needs to change is the beliefs around Diastasis Recti and that it never causes Mummy Tummy by itself. There are always other factors that come into play to create the Protruding Tummy!

Read On!

What Happens In Diastasis Recti?

It is a separation of the 6 pack abdominal muscles to accommodate the increasing pressures that happen within as a result of the growing baby and fetus.

It happens to every woman in the later stages of Pregnancy and for some it resolves by 8 weeks after birth. For others it stays around.

"With 100% Of Our Clients Their Mummy Tummy is NOT Caused By JUST Diastasis Recti"

- Health2Mama

But Is It Just Diastasis Recti Causing Your Issues?

It is unlikely to be the case. This image shows a woman with a prominent Diastasis Recti but a completely flat stomach as she has no fat, great core strength and restored ab muscles. Proving that is normally a combination of reasons that can cause a Mummy Tummy such as:

  • Ab Muscles Lengthening & Thinning Out
  • Excess Fat
  • Excess Skin
  • Reduced Core Muscle Strength
  • C Section Scar Adhesions
  • Bloating

This is Why We Created The Ultimate Abs Fab Program

This Program is the Only One Of Its Kind.   It involves a Crucial First Consult where you are fully Assessed and the Causes of YOUR Mummy Tummy Are Concluded.

Then the Right Treatments for YOU Can Include:

  • Musculpting Fat Burning Treatment
  • Core Training With Exclusive Online Workouts
  • Belly Flattening Nutrition Advice & Recipes

Meet Our Diastasis Recti Healing Therapists

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Real Clients, Real Results

serene mai
serene mai
I had pain in my foot the day before delivery of my baby, which disappeared with the csec pain meds and returned with a vengeance after I was discharged. I was in so much misery, I consulted Health2mama and they immediately sent someone the next afternoon 2pm to do a home visit. Megha was very detailed and asked many questions to understand my problem. The session went really well. By evening time, I was able to walk in the mall much more comfortably without an obvious limp! Subsequently the pain came and went but it eventually healed totally. So glad I came across Health2u!
Mun N
Mun N
I first sought out physio after a really bad back flare up - bulging disc in the lower back which affected my movement severely. Kai Ling did a wonderful job at recommending exercises to help me get back stronger, and does release massages really well. My aches always get much better after she works on my back, neck, etc.
Hannah C
Hannah C
I was having sacroiliac joint pain from pregnancy which was interfering with my exercise routine. Ezora was very knowledgeable in identifying the problems, and she not only helped to release my tight muscles but also taught me mobilisations and stretches that would specifically target my issues. I've been chugging along with her help and am very grateful for her expertise, as well as her encouragement to keep up with my activity level. Thanks! Updating to also add that during my second pregnancy, I saw both Ezora and Megha for pain in my piriformis and elsewhere, and as before they were a great help.
Jackie Limkopi
Jackie Limkopi
I had a green stick right arm fracture and was on a cast for 2 weeks, causing muscle weakness and stiffness. Requested for home base therapy and Ms Rebecca arranged for physiotherapist Ms Tay Kai Ling to come over. She was punctual for the appointment and i was really satisfied with the way she massage my stiff arm.
Veronica Cavallini
Veronica Cavallini
Lucie is amazing, she is helping me a lot in my recovery journey. Highly recommended!
Clariz Lim
Clariz Lim
i did physiotherapy after my birth of my baby girl, where i search on postnatal treatment under their health2mama. It is great to found out they can do home services, my physiotherapist is Aruna, she has been awesome and sharing tips. Whenever she come and help to me to check where are in pain and cleared them. Since September 2023 to now.
Jo Molenaar
Jo Molenaar
Health2u is exactly what I needed! I was able to book a home appointment super fast, which helped me release my sore back. Will book again, and definitely recommend!
Katie is an amazing trainer. She is genuinely interested in helping you and she always gives you great advice(women’s health, fitness, diet etc). I cannot highly recommend her enough 🙏 She always writes down exercise routine each time for me (customised to what you need). Very well organised person. She remembers your limits and try to push you in a positive way to increase that limits to make sure you get stronger. She also makes every sessions interesting and fun but still very challenging I am very thankful to her. Thank you Katie ☺️
Grace Ng
Grace Ng
Had postpartum physio as I had DR after having my first born in 2021. The techniques taught during the physio were useful and I am back again to using the app to help resolve the DR and mummy tummy after having my 2nd baby. Thanks for providing an easy and convenient way for us to follow the program! 😊 Update: I returned for musculpting and training with Megha! I had hit a plateau in improvement and I wanted faster results. Made the right decision, as my DR had reduced to only 1 finger gap at belly button and fully closed at the upper and lower sections. Thanks Megha for the tips and correcting me so that I acheive maximum effectiveness in the exercises! She is super friendly and encouraging! 😊😊