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Diastasis Recti Healing

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Believe You Have Diastasis Recti?

You are not alone! This is a very common issue to have after Pregnancy whether Weeks, Months or Years After.

So many women like yourself find they have a stubborn protruding Mummy Tummy sticking around which does not just seem to go what ever you try. Often people Self Diagnose themselves to have Diastasis Recti or have a Professional tell them they have it!!

However what needs to change is the beliefs around Diastasis Recti and that it never causes Mummy Tummy by itself. There are always other factors that come into play to create the Protruding Tummy!

Read On!

What Happens In Diastasis Recti?

It is a separation of the 6 pack abdominal muscles to accommodate the increasing pressures that happen within as a result of the growing baby and fetus.

It happens to every woman in the later stages of Pregnancy and for some it resolves by 8 weeks after birth. For others it stays around.

"With 100% Of Our Clients Their Mummy Tummy is NOT Caused By JUST Diastasis Recti"

- Health2Mama

But Is It Just Diastasis Recti Causing Your Issues?

It is unlikely to be the case. This image shows a woman with a prominent Diastasis Recti but a completely flat stomach as she has no fat, great core strength and restored ab muscles. Proving that is normally a combination of reasons that can cause a Mummy Tummy such as:

  • Ab Muscles Lengthening & Thinning Out
  • Excess Fat
  • Excess Skin
  • Reduced Core Muscle Strength
  • C Section Scar Adhesions
  • Bloating

This is Why We Created The Ultimate Abs Fab Program

This Program is the Only One Of Its Kind.   It involves a Crucial First Consult where you are fully Assessed and the Causes of YOUR Mummy Tummy Are Concluded.

Then the Right Treatments for YOU Can Include:

  • Musculpting Fat Burning Treatment
  • Core Training With Exclusive Online Workouts
  • Belly Flattening Nutrition Advice & Recipes


Real Clients, Real Results

Michelle Ngiam
Michelle Ngiam
Megha was helpful in clearing my clogged ducts with the ultrasound therapy and also taught me how to do lymphatic massage. Thanks Megha!
Caroline Ong
Caroline Ong
Sought their help for a stubborn clogged duct. It was easy to arrange for an appointment over WhatsApp, and Megha promptly attended to me that very evening in the comfort of my home. A big thank you to Megha for her effective therapeutic ultrasound treatment and lymphatic drainage massage! She was gentle and professional in her care, and I felt instant pain relief. 10/10 would recommend her!
Nikka Arcilla
Nikka Arcilla
Megha worked wonders with her lactation massage. Super effective, and I'd recommend her to any lactating mother who needs to clear a clogged duct!
Mini Jacob
Mini Jacob
Megha was very good in analysing my husband’s condition and making informed decisions on treatment plan. She was meticulous, patient, approachable, and we are very happy and satisfied with the service provided by her. Her optimistic approach had a drastic impact on my husband’s mobility improvement, increased confidence as well as motivated him to do his exercises regularly with appropriate followup on every consecutive visits. She also shared various exercises which were of great help. Thank you Megha, wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Salma Riaz
Salma Riaz
It was good to get engaged with Megha who understands the health issue I have and advise accordingly on the strengthening strategies and ways to maintain it. Thanks for driving me and bringing a change eventually.
Grace Ng
Grace Ng
Had postpartum physio as I had DR after having my first born in 2021. The techniques taught during the physio were useful and I am back again to using the app to help resolve the DR and mummy tummy after having my 2nd baby. Thanks for providing an easy and convenient way for us to follow the program! 😊
mellyjay tee
mellyjay tee
I love Laura. She explains very well what is wrong and how to rectify. Her manual therapy is also very effective.
Jellafora Janie
Jellafora Janie
My baby had an hour session with pediatrician therapist Hui Ngoh. It was insightful and we are really thankful that we met her. We learnt a lot to help training our baby with low tone muscle. Best part, the service/assessment was done at home, the environment that the babies are ald familiar with!
Natalie Koh
Natalie Koh
Health2u found me a physiotherapist that suited my needs - this was after a year of trying different physiotherapists in both the private and public sectors. Highly recommend.

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