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The Postnatal Ease Into Exercise Kit by Health2Mama is an expertly developed list of advice and tips on how to exercise safely and 10 safe 20 min workouts to try at home. A tried and tested collection of exercises and movements designed to help you exercise safely after your pregnancy in the most comfortable way.

Developed by mother and physio Rebecca Aldridge, Health2Mama combines almost 20 years of experience into one handy APP. Bex understands the importance of feeling comfortable and confident exercising again after having your baby, and so she wants to share her secrets with all of the mamas out there, irrespective of how long it’s been since giving birth.

Do You Feel?

  • ... Anxious about beginning an exercise regime?
  • ... Frustrated with your current exercises?
  • ... That you don’t have enough time to exercise?
  • ... You have a tummy you can can't shift
  • ... Untoned and Weaker
  • ... That you may have a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
  • ... A loss of bladder control when coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising?
  • ... Frequent and painful back ache?

If YOU want to minimise all of the above and become healthier and happier after giving birth, then Health2Mama is here to help.


Becoming a mum was a unique journey, and being a new mum is a special gift.”

Priya Naik

Bex from Health2mama kept me fit throughout my pregnancy and snapped me back into shape really quickly after giving birth - this i give 100% credit to the ladies at health2mama. the trainers were amazingly helpful and supportive and had so much knowledge about any of my strange pregnancy ailments. i...

Davina Sheilds


Bex and her Daughter

Hi, I’m Rebecca Aldridge - but call me Bex! I am a qualified Physio with almost 20 years experience in my field. I also have a Masters Degree to compliment my Physio qualification which puts me in the best position to help new mums; this is something I love doing!

The idea of Health2Mama came to me after going on the journey of pregnancy myself and feeling like there was something missing. Something that could really help the physiological side of things that lots of new mums don’t often talk about.

After giving birth to my sweet daughter Aria, I realised there was a lack of professional physio help out there that could be easily picked up and performed at home. And so, Health2Mama was born. An easy to use, super informative and home-based APP that you can now use to combat any issues you may be facing after giving birth.

Introducing... ...The ‘Postnatal Ease Into Exercise Kit’

  • Learn safe exercises
  • Regain mobility, tone and strength
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Heal Your Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
  • Minimise any aches and pains
  • Get back to living a full and healthy life
  • Help to heal pelvic prolapse
  • Restore your posture, pelvic floor and core strength
  • Access to advice and easy to follow home workouts

With my helpful new APP, you will have all the tools you need to combat any problems during the weeks, months or years after giving birth. I understand how hectic life can get, especially with a young baby!

The great thing is the workouts are just 20 minutes long.

You may be wondering if this is long enough but having trained as a mum myself and trained so many mums it’s true.

Regular 20 min workouts that mix core muscle training, toning and movement is all you need to keep healthy after giving birth.

No equipment is needed and the workouts are safe and effective for any stage after giving birth (as long as consent to exercise by your medical practitioner).

Check Out What You Are Getting Access To When You Sign Up Now To Our
Postnatal Ease Into Exercise Kit

Health2Mama App
  • A Kit Written By An Experienced Physio, Trainer and Mum
  • Guidelines – Different Safe Aerobic Exercise
  • Guidelines – How To Make Exercise Safe After Giving Birth
  • Guidelines – How To Prevent Problems That Can Occur with Doing Exercise After Giving Birth
  • Guidelines – Knowing When to Stop the Exercise If Pain Occurs
  • Easy Access Via Our App – Any time Anywhere
  • 10 Safe 20 Minute Workouts With Clear To Follow Videos
  • Toning, Strengthening, Moving, Core Work Exercises
  • BONUS – Advice On Postures When Looking After Your Baby
  • BONUS – How To Test For Diastasis Recti
  • BONUS – Access to Our Supportive Community Facebook Group
  • BONUS – How to work the pelvic floor properly

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Importance of Safely Exercising as a Mama

Your body performs miracles during childbirth. Not only have you managed to bring a new life into the world, you have also been able to cope with all the physiological changes this process has thrown at you. After giving birth, your pelvic floor will have been stretched and possibly injured, and your abdominal separation (or diastasis recti) will remain visible.

Common Symptoms of Diastasis Recti can Include:

  • Tummy that still looks like you are 3-5 months pregnant
  • Poor posture
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Lower back pain

In some cases these changes in your body will heal themselves as nature takes its course. Sometimes, though, you may need a helping hand to regain control and put a stop to the pressure and pains.

Performing regular exercises from the Health2Mama app will improve your posture, correct your breathing patterns and reduce the issues caused by intra-abdominal pressure and diastasis recti flattening your tummy. You can take control of looking after your body, and with the correct techniques you can begin to feel comfortable and confident again.

Why Choose Health2Mama

Health2Mama was born out of necessity and the desire to help others. I am passionate about helping new mamas as I’ve been through the process myself and I know what it takes to regain control.

As a physio, personal trainer and pilates instructor - I fully understand how the body reacts and responds to certain exercises and movements. The Health2Mama APP had its foundations built on many years of specialised research. This has provided informative, helpful and, more importantly, practical advice and training for you to use as your own.

I can help you regain your mobility, increase your pelvic floor control and strengthen those pelvic floor & core ab muscles. In turn, this will lead to a better overall level of fitness which creates a happier way of life.

You will receive access to a user friendly app, filled with a bunch of easy to follow workouts that can be performed from the comfort of your own home.


Thanks Rebecca to kick me back into sports after the 2nd pregnancy. Great work out and very convenient for mums with the flexible timing. Thanks a million

Priya Naik

Bex from Health2mama kept me fit throughout my pregnancy and snapped me back into shape really quickly after giving birth - this i give 100% credit to the ladies at health2mama. the trainers were amazingly helpful and supportive and had so much knowledge about any of my strange pregnancy ailments. i...

Davina Sheilds

Staying In Control

In my experience of training new mamas, I have found that willpower is a real issue when it comes to exercising.

You have just bought life into this world and you are constantly tired, the lines between day and night are blurred and the last thing you want to do is exercise. I totally understand and I personally know how it feels. It’s tough!

After speaking to my clients and asking them about courses they had previously enrolled on, I quickly figured out why they were so eager to give up before they had even begun. The majority of the courses were too complicated, too repetitive or just too confusing.

With Health2Mama, you only need 20 minutes per day and you can choose from 10 easy-to-follow exercises. The supporting advice is clear and concise and it teaches you the base knowledge for you to carry on and feel confident.

What’s Included In our Health2mama ‘Postnatal Ease Into Exercise Kit’

  1. Advice and Tips On Ensuring a Safe Exercise Routine
  2. Knowing When to Stop the Exercise If Pain Occurs
  3. Correct Breathing Techniques
  4. Advice On How to Correctly Exercise the Pelvic Floor + Core
  5. 10 x 20 minute workouts


Tips on Good Posture

Invitation to Our Private Health2mama Facebook Group

How To Check for a Diastasis Recti

Learn How To Contract The Pelvic Floor


When can these workouts be started?

The workouts can be started anytime from 2 weeks after giving birth.

Should I Download This Kit If I Have Had a C-section?

These workouts are ok to do after a C-section as long as your doctor has given consent for you to partake in gentle exercise. Please make sure you stop the exercises if you feel any discomfort around the area of your c-section or any discomfort the following day after the workout. Drop us a message through the APP and we can modify the exercises for you to prevent this discomfort from happening

Do I Need Any Equipment?

The beauty of Health2Mama is that you only need yourself and some level of personal commitment. You may wish to invest in a yoga mat - but otherwise these exercises can all be performed at home comfortably on a carpeted floor or rug.

Do I Need Much Space For The Workouts?

Our exercises have minimum impact on space usage and require little more than a mat. This makes it easy to perform the movements for everybody regardless of available space.

What Is The Best Time To Do The Workouts?

Health2Mama exercises can be performed at any time of the day. The idea is that it can be convenient for you and work around your schedule.

Do You Need A Minimum Fitness Level?

There are no minimum requirements to enjoy the Health2Mama app. The workouts have been designed specifically for new mamas, and the focus is on easing you back into exercise slowly. When you start to feel stronger and more confident, we have alternative plans with harder workouts.

I Gave Birth Years Ago, Is There Any Point In Using Health2Mama?

These exercises can be used by any mum at any stage after their pregnancy. It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and Health2Mama has everything you need to get started. .

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