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At Health2Mama we are so excited to launch our ‘ultimate recovery session’ for mums after birth.  Rebecca Aldridge designed this session after having her daughter Aria in February 2018.  She had a c section and found it a battle to get out and about lifting car seats and prams (when told to lift no more than the weight of the baby for 6 weeks). Having to wake Aria up when napping to get to appointments and the stress of trying to breastfeed and pump at the same – how easy would it be to just have physio and massage come to the home instead???

Many babies suffer from problems with wind, colic and constipation and the introductory baby massage component can teach mums simple massage techniques that can help with relieving these symptoms.

The session can be made bespoke to meet your needs. As part of it we can teach lymphatic breast massage which is pleasurable rather than painful to help relieve engorgement, improve milk flow and give ultrasound to unblock milk ducts and laser to relieve nipple soreness.  If you have had a c section we can help with scar massage to aid recovery and reduce pain.

The session is recommended in the first 6 weeks after birth but can be at any time.

Let us help to make your life easier after the birth of your baby.

To book just drop us a call or whatsapp at +65 8458 2144 or drop us an email at