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Health2mama Nutritionists are Experienced in Providing Evidence Based Approaches to changing Diet and Lifestyle & Providing Meal Plans. Get to the route of your problems rather than just Treat.
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Health2mama can arrange an Experienced Women's Health Nutritionist/Dietician to see you Online to help customise your Diet to Meet Your Needs  

They will look at You as a Whole and Aim to Get To What's Causing the Barriers to Acheiving What You Desire with Your Nutrition and Health Via Diet.

People Seek Or are Recommended Nutritional Help for a Number of Reasons and Everyones Needs are Different Which is Why a One Diet Does Not Suit All.


Our Nutritionists Can Offer Online Consults to You From the Comfort Of Your Own Home


265 SGD / 60 Mins

  • Comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Assess Motivation Level
  • Diet History & Evaluation
  • Individual Energy & Protein Requirements
  • Identify Goals & Strategies
  • Advice and Nutritional Plan Put Together
  • Ordering of Food Tolerance & Allergy Tests if Required

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150 SGD / 30-45 Mins

  • Re-assess how Advice has Been Implemented 
  • Discuss Any Thoughts
  • Progress
  • Address Barriers To Change


75 SGD / Per Week

  • Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Nutritional Breakdown
  • Individualised to Your Needs
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Prenatal Physio is recommended for any mother in Pregnancy.  Our physios can help teach you how properly engage your pelvic floor and core muscles which are important especially as the pregnancy progresses and more support is needed from the muscles to support the growing baby and uterus.

Yes during Pregnancy there is more pressure down on the pelvic floor muscles due to the expanding baby, uterus and increase in intra-abdominal pressure inside of you.  They will become stretched and if they are not strong will not be able to cope with these added pressures and support your pelvic organs such as bladder and rectum.  This can then lead to leakage when doing activities such as Coughing, Sneezing, Laughing and during exercise.

First your physio will assess and work out the reason for your incontinence then learning exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor will help.  We also have a Pregnancy Pelvic Floor and Core Online APP with 5-6 min easy follow along workouts you can do at home.

Common pains that can arise in Pregnancy are back, pelvic pain, pubic pain and sciatic pain (pain down the back of the leg from compressed nerves).  These pains can happen from the extra load of your baby changing your posture and also from hormones making your ligaments in your body more lax.

A physio checkup is recommended around the 6 week point after birth.  They will be able to do a full assessment checking your pelvic floor and abdomen for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).  Also if you are experiencing any pains or other symptoms they can work out where they are coming from.  The right treatments can then be started to help.

Diastasis Recti happens to all women in the later stages of Pregnancy usually in the 3rd Trimester.  It happens when your Rectus Abdominis muscles separate as the baby grows.  For many mums the abdominal separation does not fully resolve after birth.  The good news is that we can help with treatments such as Core Training Exercises and Abs Musculpting HIFEM to help heal the Diastasis Recti.

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    Aneesa AnsariSpecialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
    Aneesa is a fully registered paediatric physiotherapist with 7 years of experience. She has vast experience dealing with children from infant to young adults with various needs and abilities. She has interned with KKH and worked closely with NUH in the children’s clinic with NUH paediatric doctors. She also has immense experience with community rehabilitation for children. Early intervention with Thye Hwa Kwan EPIC as well as school integration and home-based therapy services with AWWA have helped to enhance her knowledge and skill in this field. She has given talks in hospitals such as Ren Ci and Tertiary Institutions to both public, parents and teachers/educators. Aneesa completed her Diploma in Physiotherapy locally before graduating from Queen Margaret University, Edinburg with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy degree. She has enrolled to complete her Masters in Paediatric Physiotherapy with Monash University, Australia. She continues to upgrade her skills by attending to relevant paediatric courses regularly. She is registered with AHPC and Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Aneesa has experience with a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from neurological conditions like Cerebral Palsy to congenital conditions like SMA, DMD as well as rare disorders like Charcot Marie Tooth and various syndromes. Having a child of her own enables Aneesa to understand challenges face by parents and treat their bubs as her own with patience and love.


    pre and post natal physio
    care of the older
    neurological physiotherapy
    older person's therapy
    patient feedback
    paediatric physiotherapy
    women's health physiotherapy
    Katie FraineRehab Specialist & Massage Specialist
    Katie qualified as a physiotherapist in the United Kingdom in 2008 with a First Class Bachelors Honour Degree. Working in both the National Health Service and private hospital settings, Katie has specialised as a senior physiotherapist and developed a greater love for Musculoskeletal outpatients, Orthopaedics, Elderly Rehabilitation and Women’s Health. Katie had her first child in 2015, which steered her to focus her career within Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Specifically with helping pre and post natal mothers to participate-in safe and correct physical exercise, massage, correcting Diastasis Recti, baby massage and assessing lifting, carrying, feeding techniques of Mother and baby to prevent injuries. Another love of Katie’s is creating and leading baby sensory and activity classes to stimulate and enhance babies development and bond between Mother and child. In her spare time she loves to spend quality time with her family of four, exploring Asia and participating in CrossFit. Katie has a friendly, warm, welcoming smile and manner. She is committed, hardworking and has a great passion for helping people.


    baby massage
    breastfeeding relief
    fit mama exercise and nutrition
    pre and post natal massage
    diastasis recti correction
    Pelvic Floor Rehab
    Laura O'ByrneSpecialist Senior Physiotherapist
    Laura owns and runs Health2u with Bex Aldridge. She has worked in various clinical settings in both the United Kingdom and Singapore, where she spent three years at Jurong Health hospitals working in neuro-rehabilitation, geriatric, acute orthopaedic and musculo-skeletal departments. Laura has a very fun and lively manner which helps to motivate clients to exercise and participate in their physiotherapy. She is also a certified dry needling practitioner. Laura is one of our experts in pre and postnatal physiotherapy to relieve low back pain, sacroiliac pain and other pains associated with pregnancy. She also is experienced in correcting a Diastasis Recti and helping restore bladder control with pelvic floor exercises. She specialises in designing and putting programmes of physiotherapy into practice: therapeutic exercise; manipulations; massage; education; the use of electro-therapeutic and other modalities, with a focus on being active. She is also an experienced ergonomics assessor, on which subject she oversees set-ups and delivers talks. In her spare time, Laura enjoys Pilates, going to the gym and exploring South East Asia


    baby massage
    breastfeeding relief
    pre and post natal massage
    pre and post natal physio
    diastasis recti correction
    women's health physiotherapy
    womens health physiotherapy
    womens health & paediatric
    Pelvic Floor Rehab
    Rebecca AldridgeRehab & Exercise Specialist, Bone Conditioning Expert & Massage Therapist
    Rebecca started Health2u in Singapore following the success of Physiocomestoyou Ltd in London and the UK which is still running strong. Both companies were developed to address the gap in the market for a professional service providing physiotherapy, massage and exercise to people at home and work. Rebecca has over 16 years of physiotherapy experience having qualified in 2002 and spent 7 years within teaching hospitals and at the same time completed a Masters in Advanced Physiotherapy. She is also trained in acupuncture, pilates and exercise rehab particulary of the pre natal and post natal exercise. Having a baby in Singapore Bex set up the Health2Mama branch of Health2u having realised the huge benefits of having a service that comes to you after birth and helps with things such as massage, breast massage to help milk supply, advice on feeding and lifting techniques around the home to help prevent back pain and chest tightness. This led to ‘The Recovery Session’ Being developed. There is also the Exercise programmes Rebecca has developed to help mothers correct any diastasis recti and get back to being fit, toned and their ideal weight again after birth while ensuring good pelvic floor control and protection of the diastasis recti. The sessions can be individual or of small groups of other mothers at your condo or home


    breastfeeding relief
    fit mama exercise and nutrition
    pre and post natal massage
    diastasis recti correction
    services for pain and injury
    Pelvic Floor Rehab

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