Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our paediatric team at Health2u believe are highly experienced in treating children and strive to the make the physiotherapy sessions fun and entertaining helping to motivate them in their treatment and exercise. Health2u specialists in providing the paediatric physiotherapy for children between 1 month and 19 at the childs home or school which is very convenient and helps the child to relax and enjoy the physiotherapy being in their familiar environment. It also makes it easier for the child to be able to practice the exercises with their parents or helper between physiotherapy sessions. We also Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists at childrens homes helping to provide a all encompassing multidisciplinary approach. Unnecessary travelling to clinics is avoided and child care for other children does not have to be arranged.

Physiotherapy Assessment

When a paediatric physiotherapist sees a baby or child for the first time they will look at the child’s movement, their posture, strength and tone of the upper and lower limbs and movement in their joints.

Physiotherapy Treatment

From the assessment a specific treatment programme is tailored to the child’s individual needs and goals. It is essential that treatment is age appropriate and fun to ensure good compliance and to enable integration into the child’s daily routine.

Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy

We work alongside paediatric OT’s and SALTs who can also see children at home or school.

How Could My Child Benefit From Paediatric Physiotherapy?

There are many causes of children having developmental delay, injury to the brain, orthopaedic or neurological problems. Depending on the individuals’ issues (found in the assessment) there can be problems with mobility, posture, standing, walking, going up stairs, balance and function. The physiotherapist will work on training the large muscles in the body and increasing their strength particularly in the legs, arms and stomach. They will aim to increase the body control and help develop better:

  • Massage to help with soft tissues and muscles
  • Treatments to improve movement in the joints and improve tone
  • Specialist stretching exercises for the child
  • Exercises and stretches will be taught to parents and helpers also so can be done between therapy sessions
  • Easy to follow exercise programmes will be provided
  • Postural advice and general advice
  • Walking aid advice or other mobility aids advice if required

Health2u can order in any equipment for the child that can help with their rehab such as gym balls, exercise bands, wobble cushions, sensory items, mats and any other equipment which will help motivate the child to exercise.

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    Aneesa AnsariSpecialist Paediatric Physiotherapist
    Aneesa is a fully registered paediatric physiotherapist with 7 years of experience. She has vast experience dealing with children from infant to young adults with various needs and abilities. She has interned with KKH and worked closely with NUH in the children’s clinic with NUH paediatric doctors. She also has immense experience with community rehabilitation for children. Early intervention wit...


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