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Katie Fraine

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Katie Fraine

Katie Fraine

Core Trainer, Rehab & Massage Specialist

Katie is highly specialised in Training and having had her first child in 2015, this steered her to focus her career within Women’s Health Rehab Specialities.  Specifically with helping pre and post natal mothers to participate-in safe and correct Physical Training, Prenatal/Postnatal Massage, Helping Stubborn Tummies and Diastasis Recti, Lactation Relief,  Baby massage and Assessing Lifting, Carrying, Feeding techniques of Mother and Baby to prevent injuries.

Another love of Katie’s is creating and leading baby sensory and activity classes to stimulate and enhance babies development and bond between Mother and child. In her spare time she loves to spend quality time with her family of four, exploring Asia and participating in CrossFit.

Katie has a friendly, warm, welcoming smile and manner. She is committed, hardworking and has a great passion for helping people.

NB. Katie is not registered with the AHPC in Singapore