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Why choose a Pilates Instructor from Physio Comes To You?

Since our Pilates is taught by physiotherapists and is referred to as clinical pilates, you get the advantages of having a physiotherapist since they can tailor the exercises to the patient’s needs and avoid injury thanks to their excellent knowledge and training.

What Pilates options do we offer?

  • One On One Pilates At Home, Hotels Or The Workplace
  • Pilates Classes For You And Friends At Home
  • Pilates Classes For Employees In The Workplace

A Few Benefits of Our Pilates Treatment

Improve Core Strength

Enhanced Flexibility

Muscle Toning & Sculpting

Better Posture

Improve Balance

Stress Relief

What is Pilates?

Despite the focus on core exercises, achieving only core strength is not the final aim. Instead, the objective is to use that core power to create body-wide movement patterns that are practical and long-lasting.

Early in the 20th century, Joseph Pilates created Pilates with the goal of enhancing both physical and mental health. It is a body training exercise that emphasises creating a strong core or centre and works to increase overall body endurance. The workouts, which range from beginner activities to advanced exercises, can be changed to make them more challenging. A workout mat and resistance bands are all that are required to complete each activity.

No matter your gender, age, race, size, degree of skill, or existing fitness, Pilates is for you. Over 600 exercises and variants make up the Pilates repertory, which includes mat and specialised equipment workouts.

Everyone can find something here, whether they lead a sedentary lifestyle, are weekend warriors, are expecting, are going through rehabilitation, have anxiety, or are professional athletes.

According to studies, Pilates enhances quality of life by reducing back pain and having a favourable impact on depression. It is frequently used as a cross-training exercise and is advised by medical professionals for reasons of general wellness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Deep muscles in the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor make up the body’s core muscles. These muscles help us maintain a flexible, strong back, good posture, and effective movement patterns. Additionally, developing a strong core helps to produce flat abs.

You will learn how to achieve and keep a healthy posture via the practise of Pilates. Because the exercises demand that your body maintain its alignment at all times, you will be more conscious of your posture as a result. Your body will learn to express itself with more power and harmony as a result of this training.

Pilates expands the range of motion associated with your joints while simultaneously strengthening and extending the muscles in your body. Your body will become more flexible, which is a vital trait to develop in order to reduce the risk of injury from falls. Not only can consistent practise alleviate aches and pains, but it will also make every motion seem easier.

You will develop a deeper awareness of the way in which your body moves as a result of the mind-body connection that Pilates teaches. As a result, you will be able to better maintain your physical equilibrium if you practise excellent posture and work to restore the balance between your body and mind.

Pilates has a calming effect on your mind and helps you focus more internally, particularly on the movement of your body and your breathing. This is a wonderful method for reducing stress in your life!

Pilates aims to contract and relax the pelvic floor and deeper abdominal muscles, which is a real measure of strength. These muscles act as a brace to elevate, support, and stabilise the back, as well as the organs.

Body muscles that are balanced via Pilates are neither too lax and weak nor too stiff. The body is more prone to damage when the muscles are either too lax and weak or overly stiff.

Pilates has a strong emphasis on the development of dynamic strength, which improves your ability to support and stabilise your joints while you move. According to research, Pilates is a useful technique for lowering the risk of sports injuries.

Pilates helps enhance cardiorespiratory capacity by placing an emphasis on breathing. This increases the flow of feel-good hormones as well as oxygen and circulation in the blood.

Pilates accomplishes all of these goals in addition to leaving you feeling less weary than other forms of exercise owing to its low impact nature. Instead, it provides you with an increase in your energy levels.

Pilates has been shown to improve immune system function, particularly in persons of a more senior age, according to research.

However, despite the fact that the majority of study has been conducted on people in their later years, these results show that people of any age might benefit from the immune system enhancement that Pilates provides, mostly as a result of better circulation.

The function of the immune system is also increased with the improvement in circulation. Pilates encourages healthy circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, two bodily processes that are essential to a robust immune system.

Our present sedentary lifestyle, in which we move less and sit for longer periods of time, is harmful to our health and bone density. It is possible for individuals of any age to suffer from low bone density, which may lead to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Numerous studies have shown that Pilates is an efficient method for improving overall quality of life, reducing pain, and enhancing bone density.


Real Clients, Real Results

Michelle Ngiam
Michelle Ngiam
Megha was helpful in clearing my clogged ducts with the ultrasound therapy and also taught me how to do lymphatic massage. Thanks Megha!
Caroline Ong
Caroline Ong
Sought their help for a stubborn clogged duct. It was easy to arrange for an appointment over WhatsApp, and Megha promptly attended to me that very evening in the comfort of my home. A big thank you to Megha for her effective therapeutic ultrasound treatment and lymphatic drainage massage! She was gentle and professional in her care, and I felt instant pain relief. 10/10 would recommend her!
Nikka Arcilla
Nikka Arcilla
Megha worked wonders with her lactation massage. Super effective, and I'd recommend her to any lactating mother who needs to clear a clogged duct!
Mini Jacob
Mini Jacob
Megha was very good in analysing my husband’s condition and making informed decisions on treatment plan. She was meticulous, patient, approachable, and we are very happy and satisfied with the service provided by her. Her optimistic approach had a drastic impact on my husband’s mobility improvement, increased confidence as well as motivated him to do his exercises regularly with appropriate followup on every consecutive visits. She also shared various exercises which were of great help. Thank you Megha, wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Salma Riaz
Salma Riaz
It was good to get engaged with Megha who understands the health issue I have and advise accordingly on the strengthening strategies and ways to maintain it. Thanks for driving me and bringing a change eventually.
Grace Ng
Grace Ng
Had postpartum physio as I had DR after having my first born in 2021. The techniques taught during the physio were useful and I am back again to using the app to help resolve the DR and mummy tummy after having my 2nd baby. Thanks for providing an easy and convenient way for us to follow the program! 😊
mellyjay tee
mellyjay tee
I love Laura. She explains very well what is wrong and how to rectify. Her manual therapy is also very effective.
Jellafora Janie
Jellafora Janie
My baby had an hour session with pediatrician therapist Hui Ngoh. It was insightful and we are really thankful that we met her. We learnt a lot to help training our baby with low tone muscle. Best part, the service/assessment was done at home, the environment that the babies are ald familiar with!
Natalie Koh
Natalie Koh
Health2u found me a physiotherapist that suited my needs - this was after a year of trying different physiotherapists in both the private and public sectors. Highly recommend.

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