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Experienced Therapists

Highly Recommended

Maryann Wong – Paediatric Physiotherapist

Wing Lee Kuen – Physiotherapist

Claudia Correira – Nutritional Therapist

Lucie Lamprey – Physiotherapist

Aneesa Ansari – Paediatric Physiotherapist

Aruna Vijaya Ratnam – Physiotherapist

Ezora Wong – Physiotherapist

Jing-Yi Yap – Physiotherapist

Kai Ling – Physiotherapist

Katie Fraine – Wellness Specialist

Laura O’Byrne – Physiotherapist

Mok Ying Rong – Physiotherapist

Noopura Yeliur – Wellness Specialist

Yoon Wai Lam – Speech Therapist

Some of The Conditions We Treat