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Claudia Correira – Nutritional Therapist

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Claudia Correira – Nutritional Therapist

Clinical Dietician / Nutritional Therapist

Cláudia is an Accredited Dietitian of Singapore (ADS) and dietitian member of SNDA (Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association), the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (USA) and The Centre for Mindful Eating. She has been practising as a dietitian since 2010. She has been in Singapore for the past 10 years and currently she works closely with specialists in the field of cardiology, endocrinology, fertility, obstetrics, bariatric and orthopaedics surgery to ensure all patients have the best outcomes. She is an experienced public speaker, and a health and wellness programme coordinator and executive who has conducted more than 100 nutrition talks and workshops in Singapore for a variety of


Over the years, Cláudia has been featured in several platforms including The Straits Times Singapore, The South China Morning Post, Medical Grapevine Asia, Simply Her, Your Family Kitchen, Channel 5 (The Drink List) and France 5 (Le magazine de la santé).

Cláudia has diversified experience from both Europe and Asia, coupled with the expertise of handling a variety of cuisines. She caters to the most varied needs of an individual. When consulting her clients, she educates and creates awareness of the impact of food habits, while emphasising the enjoyment of food.


Dietetics with special interests in Chronic Disease, Diabetes and Weight Management, Women’s Health, Oncology, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the Mediterranean Diet, Nutrigenomics, and Mindful Eating.