Ezora Wong

Ezora is a Certified physiotherapist since 2012.  She first worked with Jurong Health establishing the rehab protocols and workflow for the critically ill patients of ICU.  Ezora then became a certified clinical educator training students in both (musculokskeletal) pain relief and sports physio over the years at Jurong Health.  She decided to pursue her interest in the musculoskeletal and sports side of physiotherapy by becoming a physio for the student athletes during the Annual University Games from 2015-2019 & Singapore Male and Female football teams whilst working privately for a clinic.

Throughout the years of rehabilitating clients she developed a strong interest in using a number of her combined skills as a musculoskeletal physio and sports physio to treat pain that has developed in any area of the body and also during pregnancy and after birth; she is great at prescribing exercises that effectively build strength in the core and throughout the body. She also has a great reputation for her massage techniques and hands on manual therapy treatments.

Through her experience with sports teams she developed a lot of practice in Kinesiology taping, rehab techniques and strengthening and she is also undertaking regular courses with the Australia Physiotherapy Association (APA) to continuously upgrade her skills in treating women at different life stages.

Ezora can speak fluid English and Cantonese and as a person Ezora is well liked being kind, considerate and very dedicated to her clients.

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