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Kai Ling – Physiotherapist

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Kai Ling

Kai Ling – Physiotherapist

Senior AHPC Registered Physiotherapist

Kai Ling is an AHPC registered physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal pain and injury.  She qualified in 2012 and has vast experience from both the public hospital and private sector receiving various excellent service quality awards.

Her keen interests lie in chronic pain, sports and geriatric rehab.  She also has solid experience working with mums treating prenatal/postnatal pains,  restoring pelvic floor control and rectifying Diastasis Recti after birth.

Moving beyond routine diagnosis and quick fixes, Kai Ling takes the time to thoroughly evaluate and solve the root cause of the problem.  She treats a range of musculoskeletal conditions from office workers, athletes to pregnant ladies helping them to reach their goals of pain free movement and achieving high performance in sport.

Kai Ling believes in working to improve the overall health of her clients helping to prevent the chronic diseases developing.  Proper diet and exercise are encouraged in their role of preventative medicine.   Her approach in physiotherapy is holistic and individualised to the person.  Clients are encouraged to participate in the treatment process so that the best outcomes can be achieved.