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Kareen Chua

Kareen began her career as a Physiotherapist with National University Hospital (NUH) and subsequently went on to work privately. Through her exposure in different sectors, she has gained experience treating patients with musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, prenatal/postnatal and neurological conditions.

Kareen has a keen interest in treating spinal conditions,and also adopting Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) techniques to treat chronic pain conditions, lymphedema in post-op cases and swelling in pregnancy, after birth and in lactation relief. She went on to obtain her certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage from Dr Vodders’ School and she is keen to research further in this area.

She has worked with many mums during their pregnancy and after birth and helped them with pain relief, healing the diastasis recti, unblocking of milk ducts, pelvic floor rehab and general exercise training.   Through Health2mama she offers her services to mums at home.

Kareen believes in walking her clients through their journey of recovery with pain reduction and techniques to restore ROM, and using evidence-based exercises to promote recovery and return to activities. She believes that patient education plays a huge role in the rehabilitation process. She enjoys providing education to patients so they can gain a better understanding of their condition.

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