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Laura O’Byrne – Physiotherapist

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Laura O’Byrne

Laura O’Byrne – Physiotherapist

Specialist Senior Physiotherapist

Laura owns and runs Health2u with Bex Aldridge. Laura’s dedication to women’s health drove her to complete a number of post graduate courses and she continues to up-skill herself by attending further seminars courses and remaining up to date on all the current evidence based practises.

Laura specialises in Pelvic Health treating a range of conditions including vaginismus, hypertonic/hypotonic Pelvic Floors, Sexual Dysfunctions as well as post natal rehab. She is qualified to offer Internal and External Pelvic Floor Exams as well as Real Time Ultrasound.

Another of Laura’s keen interests are the treatment and assessment of common musculoskeletal pains experienced by women both pre & post-natal. She finds great satisfaction & success in treating women with pains such as pelvic girdle pains, lower back pains, round ligament pains & mid and upper back pains and helping them return to a more active & pain free lifestyle.

To this end, Laura has worked with Bex to create the Health2mama Online Programs which she uses with her clients both in Singapore and abroad. She offers in person treatment in Singapore as well as Online Consults.

Laura has an easily approachable and very empathetic manner which allows her to understand the issues better and makes the treatment process seamless.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys Pilates, going to the gym and exploring South East Asia