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Sharmala Pillay

Sharmala has been working as a physiotherapist for 14 years. She started out in community rehabilitation before moving to the sports and musculoskeletal field. She has work experience in sports and musculoskeletal field since 2008 when she was practising at the Singapore Sports School. Since 2010, she started working private physiotherapy and doctor’s clinics.

She has a passion for treating Athletes and dancers as well as conducting talks and workshops on injury prevention and management as well as proper office ergonomics.

Sharmala has a special interest in prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy including healing of the diastasis recti and treating pregnancy and post pregnancy pains in the back and pelvis areas.  With her sports background she can help mums return back to fitness and strength safely.

Sharmala is always smiling, has a bubbly demeanour and is very friendly. She always goes above and beyond what she can provide for her patients. In her spare time, she enjoys running and going to the gym, as well as enjoys spending time with her two children.

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