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Why Workout With Your Baby?

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As all new parents finding time to keep fit in exercise with a baby or toddler can be pretty impossible at times.  This is when the decision of actually including your baby into your exercise routine can be a great choice.  There are a numerous benefits especially when including your baby whilst exercising:

  1. Great for Bonding – whether it is in the gym, park or just at home including your child in the exercises can be really good fun – it is just about being creative. Exercises can range from them lying on their back while you do planks over them chatting away at the same time to performing cobra dips in front of them lying in tummy time to putting them in the baby wearer and churning out some quad burning squats.  Make the push up end up with a peck on their cheek and that will help you keep going!!
  2. Natural Baby Weight Resistance – as your baby grows they become heavier giving you a gradual increase in weight resistance to your workouts in turn to help naturally build your strength
  3. Fitting In Fitness Time – time with your baby particularly for parents who work is so incredibly precious – rather than coming home and just playing on the mat you can have a workout while playing with them at the same time
  4. Stimulation For Your Baby – by doing exercises in front of the mirrors such as lifting the baby up will work those shoulders and get a giggle at the same time.  Including them in the exercises will in turn help their sensory development.  Great music while working out with your baby will also provide stimulation
  5. Encourage Motor Development Of Your Baby – exercises with them in tummy time and holding them up in the air will help with back, head and neck strength.  Sitting or standing them on your pelvis or tummy while doing bridges or modified abdominal exercises will help them develop their sitting and standing balance.
  6. Family Time – both parents can be involved in the exercise session – having your child watch you and be involved in your exercise will only help to install healthy early habits of looking at exercise as fun

Our sessions designed by Bex Aldridge, a mum herself, are taught by physiotherapists experienced in training you and your baby or toddler.  Can be for any age between 2 weeks old and 2 years old.  Mum’s or Dad’s or both.  If you would like more information just drop us a whatsapp at +65 8358 2144 or email us at